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School Council

Our School Council represents the views of all our pupils. It gives children the opportunity to make their voices heard and feel part of the whole school community.


Our School Council Representatives for 2020/21 are:


1C Beau-Ellen Robel
1W Isabella Alwyn
2M Frances James
3L Lexi Lucas
3R Dafni Jayden
4P Lola Edward
5D Ecaterina Jake
6J Patricia Oliver


New Build

On Friday 9th October, the School Council reps from Key Stage 2 took a look behind the scenes of our new build to see how it was progressing. After a talk about health and safety on site, the children had a tour of the new block, including Mrs Skinner's new room, the toilets, classrooms, corridors, extended hall and staff areas. They sketched plans of the classrooms, corridors and staffroom then spent some time interviewing Peter, the Project Manager.


When will the classrooms be finished?

They should be completed by the end of next week.


Will the new toilets flush?

Yes, the new toilets will flush, just like the ones in the original building.


How many people work here?

On average, there are 20 tradesmen here each day.  Sometimes there are more but usually there are no less than 10.


How long will it take to do the ceiling (in the corridor)?

To do the whole ceiling along the corridor, it would take approximately 2 hours.


How long are you here for each day?

I start work at 7am, I unlock the school and prepare for any tradesmen that will be working on site.  I finish most days at 5pm.


Where will you go when you have finished here?

We don't know yet.  It could be anywhere.  It might be to work on a church or maybe another school.  It might be on a new house or a block of flats.


What is this area (between the staffroom and the hall) for?

This is an outdoor space for the school staff.  It was created to allow light into the hall so it is nice and bright.


Will the new playground have a climbing frame and slide?

No, the playground will be a basic extension of the original playground although I do know that there are plans in place to make playtimes more exciting.